Friday, May 17, 2013

Loving this Weather

What's that? Climate change? Ain't expecting it here.

Well, it turns out people will have to expect it everywhere... on Earth, anyway.

Lately, Toronto has experienced some "moody" weather (as its citizens like to call it). In the span of three hours, there may be hail, a cloudy sky, heavy rain, then a clear sunny sky. It's so... beautiful. ಥ‿ಥ

The change in weather patterns being experienced by different regions around the world may finally push governments, businesses, and people in general to act on climate change and its linked environmental issues. I hope. You know what is depressing though? The fact that the world is experiencing climate changes means it is already too late to prevent or completely mitigate climate change. No, the human race is not doomed [for now]. We have the edge where we may easily adapt well to different environments at the expense of some of our fellow beings. I'm just... more worried about our resource supplies and services.

Now I wonder: what role will climate change play in the next Canadian federal elections? No wait, I don't need to wonder about that. The answer is already clear: not much.

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