Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Noodle Dogs

I woke up one morning and my father was waiting for my sister and I to eat some noodles he just prepared. I went to the kitchen first, grabbed a bowl of noodles he laid out, and sat beside my mother who was watching the London Olympics. I noticed that he added cut up hot dog sausages, so I grabbed one to eat, but I freaked out the moment it was out of the soup and pile of noodles.

Apparently my aunt shared pictures of this noodle dog technique she tried the night before via Facebook. My father saw the pictures and he wanted to try it. The results were disturbing to me. It looked somewhat like an E. coli bacteria in my opinion. My sister thought it looked very odd.

It turns out this is very easy to do. Before cooking or boiling anything, all you need to do is stick the hard noodles into the sausage. Sauces can come afterwards.

I took a look at my aunt's version of the noodle dogs (or whatever this technique is really called) and the noodles and sausages were darkened from soy sauce.

At least they didn't stick the noodles into fish balls. I never want to encounter another meal like this again though. It felt weird having to bite into it.

There's a fellow Blogger with a post on noodle dogs and a picture of them before she cooked them:

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