Saturday, January 7, 2012

Re-use It: Bread Clips

My mother recently sent me an email on neat ways to reuse some commonly disposed items like egg cartons and small boxes. Bread clips were among the list of disposed items.

If you're living in the Greater Toronto Area and you frequently buy milk and bread by the bag, you may find yourself throwing out one or two bread clips on a weekly basis. Bread clips are the small plastic tags that are used to close milk and bread bags and provide an expiration date. The expiration date would be on one side while the other side is blank.

The email my mother sent me suggested reusing old bread clips as a label for power cords and plugs. After collecting a few bread clips, I tagged power plugs connected power strips around the house. Thanks to the blank side of the bread clip, I could label the tags with the name of the electric device and their corresponding power cord.

So don't throw out your bread tags! They're really helpful.

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