Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daria Fashion

I was at the Eaton Centre's H&M the other day and they had mannequins dressed in something that looked like Daria's signature outfit--with the green blazer and black skirt, minus the hair and glasses. I'd take a picture of the display if I had permission.


  1. Hi ^^ My name is Toni and I'm a spanish guy who loves Lolita fashion. I've seen in your Blogger profile that you're interested in Lolita so, if you want, you can read my new post, where I talk about the last lolita meeting here, in Barcelona.
    Here is the link:

    By the way, I'm following your blog:3

    1. Hey Toni, thank you for following this blog! It's true that I am interested in Lolita fashion, but--just a heads up--I do not have many posts about it. Also, neat! Lolita meetings~ But the one you went to seems to have a lot of things going on. Thanks for the link.

      On a last note, if you're interested, there is a lolita group in Toronto that manages most of the lolita-related events in the area. They can be found at and their old website was .


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