Saturday, July 14, 2012

Storm Water

It was raining heavily for a short period early last week, and there was something weird floating on the newly paved roads in my neighborhood during that time.

I took a picture of the roadside. The picture's not great because I took the image with an iTouch (behind glass too) and I was in a moving vehicle. The weird floating stuff looked like watery white foam. I thought it was soap at first, but after passing more than 3 blocks worth of roads with white stuff floating by, I had second thoughts about it. Does anyone know what it is? I can't seem to find any answers off of search engines.


  1. Just did a quick google search and it seems the foam is a result of toxic rain. Here's a link to what I found, Though I didn't really read it fully, but it seems corexit being mixed up with rain water is a likely culprit.

    1. Thanks for the info, Anon!

      It seems corexit is commonly found in popular household products (according to ). Also, it is used to line streets according to a petition on (, so it wouldn't be weird to find it along the roads if it were the case. If it was toxic rain, there would be signs on the plants around my area, which... yeah, they sort of do show signs.

      I guess I'll never know what it was on that rainy day, but at least I'll have ideas to clam my imagination. :)


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