Thursday, April 12, 2012


I admit it-- I'm an ignorant person. When it comes to having a conversation with people, I never think before I say or do something. The thinking always comes after unless I was asked to think beforehand. There is no limit to how many hurtful words I could spout in the span of a minute. I often wonder if I should just keep my mouth shut, but it just won't close. Sometimes I find myself left with the feeling of guilt, other times indifference.

Which leads to this one issue that a friend of mine pointed out. I was talking with him one day when I suddenly chuckled at his words. He said something racist and I thought he meant it as a joke. Turns out it wasn't and I offended him. I told him I was sorry and he told me how it's not fair that girls can always half-heartedly apologize and get away with hurtful actions with a smile. What he told me made me think: "he's right!" Many females whom I've studied (I like watching people) usually get away with hurtful actions by smiling and apologizing. With males, not so much. Actually, most apologies I receive from males feel whole-hearted, serious, and warm. Maybe this is just an assumption based on my friend and I's experiences and observations, but it seems females like to use their cuteness to apologize more than males. Then again, there are those who just won't stop apologizing for almost everything they do, regardless of their gender. What do you think?

Top image from chapter 79 of Oresama Teacher by Tsubaki Izumi, scanlated by Panda Scans.

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