Saturday, April 21, 2012

Environmental Studies at York University: Year 3 and 4

Year 3: 2010-2011

The third year environmental studies courses were very informative (details-wise) with what's going on in the present world. Since they were more specific than the first and second year courses, I found them more interesting and straight forward. The assignments were fun to do, so I didn't mind spending days on each report. They took awhile to finish though, so I ended up handing in a few things late.

I was still part of YAMA and archery club, but I didn't participate in their events or practices often. I wanted to get more sleep at home because I was always tired. I've never slept before 12 AM since third grade, so I gave up time with university friends to be at home. I already spent about 4 hours each school day traveling between home and school, and I wanted to spend more time with my readings and assignments.

At the end of the year, I did pretty good (academically). I was also inspired by my instructors to go out and volunteer with different environmental groups, so I spent my summer doing volunteer work and looking for a job. The experiences I gained from volunteering were priceless.

Year 4: 2011-2012

When starting the new school year, it struck me that 3 years had quickly flew by. I was in my last year and I still had not decided on what I wanted to do after graduation! I decided to just concentrate on my studies in my last year and leave the worrying of looking for a job I would be happy with after graduation.

I took a 60% course load because I had already achieved the extra credits in past summer terms. And was I glad about that! It turned out that most fourth year courses took up more time than 3rd year courses. I even ended up spending 18 hours on campus one day just working in computer labs. Tiring, but totally worth the experience. I admit it: I had fun.

What I loved about the fourth year courses the most were the readings, and the team projects or group work, which were amazing!~ I won't give you the details, but let's say that they were as thrilling as having 99% EXP and almost reaching the next level.

I also enjoyed a non-credit interest group on systems thinking that had sessions every other week. They were like lectures with discussion in small groups, but the presentations for each session was presented by a different member of the group each time.


I've finished my exams now. It feels odd to know that I won't be returning to school in September and now having to make multiple resumes and cover letters. In the next few months, I know I'll miss the lectures, the campus, and most of all, the people that made my post-secondary school life.

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