Saturday, April 28, 2012

All of the Homo!

Whenever I'm out with the guys and they share bromantic speeches and actions, I can't help it: I have to smile. You'd think that amongst friends, everyone is having a great time when smiling, but they'd say otherwise. They hate it when I smile right after their bro-moments because they believe that I'm imagining them in a yaoi scene. It seems that to them, my happiness from real life bromance is the happiness I feel when reading a boy love (BL) story, which equates to yaoi. Their moments are heart-warming and lovely, so why can I not enjoy it? My love for bromance that spawned from shonen manga (especially those of the sports genre) and later again from BL manga brings much happiness to my life. If I am lucky enough to see a scene in real life that resembles a scene from a shonen story, I will smile! I don't care that they believe I'm imagining them in a gay scene, and they can tell me "no homo" as often as they like.

Image from chapter 19 of Denpa Kyoushi, by Azuma Takeshi. Chapter 19 was scanlated by S2Scans.

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