Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday at TCAF 2012

TCAF display at the main entrance of the Toronto Reference Library.
I know. I'm great at taking pictures.

This year's Toronto Comics Art Festival was great. (I use "was" because I won't be going to the second day, which is today.) When I entered the building yesterday, I realized I may never get used to the overwhelming feeling of tables, people, and art. The whole event gave me a déjà vu feeling, but it still felt comforting and somewhat new.

TCAF Artwork hanging near the entrance.

I arrived at the library around 10:15 AM and took time to check out a few booths. I recognized some of the people and tables from last year. The building was pretty busy at the time already, and there was a line-up to get into the showroom on the second floor. As expected, areas around the table areas became more crowded in a few hours.

Saturday around 11 AM on the main floor of TCAF 2012

First floor, 1 PM

I didn't go to any of the sub-events like signings and workshops. My goal was to buy books. I made a list and I was determined to find everything listed on it! It didn't happen though... not everything on my list was there, but I was happy with what I had at the end of the day nonetheless. *-*

There were more comics that I wanted to get--they looked interesting inside and out--but they will have to wait until I have the resources to get them. Argh! There are too many good stories to get into! Sometimes I find it hard to resist buying them all.

Some of the stuff I brought home.

For me, the most exciting part of the event was getting a copy of Order of Tales by Evan Dahm and getting him to draw himself again.

I'll be needing a 2013 version.

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