Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I found in my room

Onion in a cup
I haven't cleaned my room in the last few months. I've been busy sleeping, reading, typing or going to social events around Toronto. The garbage in my room keeps piling up and my father, a man who likes the house to be at least semi-clean, said "enough is enough--your room stinks." Surprisingly, he didn't comment on the mess on the floor.

When I arrived home from school on Wednesday and walked into my room, I noticed it smelled different. The air smelled clean and clear. I put away my school bag, went down to the kitchen, and there my father asked me, "how do you like the onion? Does your room smell better?" I answered, "what onion?" I went back to my room and there was an onion across from my bed. In a candle cup.

So onions can absorb smells... ? That's neat. Now I don't have to spend more than $3 buying a can of air freshner. I stopped trusting air freshners and stuck to opening windows at one point in life. Freshners don't work very well with me--they make the house smell worse.

Another few things I found in my room: a whale eraser, a dolphin eraser, and a mini artbook by my dear friend Siena.

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