Friday, May 15, 2009

Shop Spot: Animate Cos Room

[Note: Animate Cos Room closed late fall 2009.]

A13, Splendid China Tower, 4675 Steeles Ave. East, Scarborough, Ontario

Opened Hours:
... I forgot to check.

Animate Cos Room was the first japanese and cosplay fashion centered store I've seen around Toronto. They sell a variety of lolita and cosplay outfits. You're allowed to try on te outfits before buying them. Last time I checked they had a discount system where after you buy 4 items (may be only count with clothing), you get 20% off the next item you buy. If anyone knows the specifics, please comment.

Animate Cos Room
Image taken with permission from store attendant.

Conclusion: Animate Cos Room is a shiny shop.


  1. oh i have heard of this shop and want to go to it ! its definately not the same place as pmall?? T__T i dont know scarborough very well.

    there is also a place near toronto china town (kensington market) called twilight that has a huge selection of lolita and punk stuff

  2. Really? Cool! I've got to check it out sometime soon. :o


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