Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anime North 2009

I got to Anime North on Saturday at 6 pm, but didn't get to meet with my usual convention friends because some of us weren't there. *sobs*

There were many splendid cosplays. I want to share the images I took and I like the most. Some of them aren't related directly to an anime, but are indirectly related to anime culture thanks to the internet. I don't follow the internet culture as well as others do. Even though I have no idea what the people are cosplaying, I take pictures of whatever I find interesting.

The first image I want to share is that of Nintendo's Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, and Luigi. I think these three were in a group. The Luigi cosplayer wouldn't get into the picture, so I moved the camera to get him in it. I like this image.

Next up are these two girls dressed in black and white. Their clothing look like things you could wear casually, but their outfits have a bit of a cosplay style touch to it. I find that the lighting from the window they're standing next to makes the picture look so much better. I don't know what they're dressed as though.

Then there are the Motivationals. Even though they're wearing casual clothing, the frame they hold makes it into cosplay. I'm not sure what the background to their cosplay is, but it's interesting, no?

I spent most of my time in the dealers room looking for manga that I only got to take around 55 pictures of different cosplayers. I didn't get to take many clips of people doing things other than walking, or proceed with my activity because I felt pressured into someone else's schedule. I thought I got enough clips for a video in the end, but it was a downer when I finished it:

Okay, I know this is from a video game or two, because I remember seeing them in Nintendo Power a long time ago. I just don't know the name of it. If anyone out there knows, please comment. I needed to make this image larger to get a good view of some of the costumes' neat details. The colours were enough to wow me, but then again, a lot of people's costumes with or without colours were impressive.

Guess who this is? It's Dharshi! She added purple feathers to her costume to give it a stereotypic pimping style with the sword bring the cane. It looks different from when she was at Anime North 2007.

Conclusion: Anime North 2009 was like Anime North 2007 except the mask wasn't the thing that made things boring. It's because I didn't get to hang out with the usual crew.

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