Sunday, May 25, 2014

Canada Blooms 2014

I volunteered with Canada Blooms back in March this year. The botanical displays were fantastic as always and the people were very nice. I took pictures, but the light on my camera gave up on life. The light burned out a millisecond after taking a picture, so I couldn't use a proper flash. Though clean and sharp looking on the camera's screen, all of the pictures turned out blurry when I checked their quality with a larger monitor. My pictures do not do the flower displays from Canada Blooms 2014 justice, but please bear with them:

I found that many of the displays this year were daring. There were plants hung with frames, fashion garments made from recognizable plants, and a mix of hung flowers with glassware. Many of the displays this year took altitude into account too. There were a few that allowed spectators to walk under, while another notable one was like a high mound for people to walk on.

I wonder what Canada Blooms 2015 will feature.

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