Monday, January 28, 2013

Maplestory Angelic Busters

Recently, Maplestory introduced its newest job: the sensational and adorable idol who is also a magical girl, the Angelic Buster!

I was hoping that there would be gender selection for this job, but they didn't have that option: you can only play as a female character. The reason you cannot choose to be a male Angelic Buster is, aside from the random one liners in a cute voice when fighting, because the storyline calls for the one female friend in a group of friends. In my opinion, they still should have included the male option because there would have been heck of a lot of boy love and guy love references to smirk about.

Another restriction with the Angelic Buster is the weapon she uses: she can only use soul shooters. She cannot use items that can be used by all jobs or other pirates (pirates being their job category). The magical girl form of the Angelic Buster can only wear Cash Shop items as well, which may call for spending real life money.

At least her hair colour and hairstyle can be changed in both her magical girl form and regular form.

It's a blast playing as an Angelic Buster, especially with the storyline, but I still prefer the Adventurers.


  1. Mostly surprised Maple Story has a storyline now. Also, did you draw that? It's awesome!


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