Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guess Who?

Remember that kind-of-like-a-board-game-but-not-really-a-board-game game where you are suppose to guess what character your opponent has by asking questions about their character's physical traits? If you do, you may remember it as Guess Who. There were other versions of the game with different names, but we'll stick with "Guess Who" for this post's purpose.

The front box of "Guess Who?"

One night, I had a dream where I was playing Guess Who, but the twist was that the people in the game were anime characters. It was tough to not ask my opponent about their character's job, personality, and breast size. When I woke up, I made a mental note to myself to modify a Guess Who game with anime characters in the near future. That note was forgotten until I saw my cousin's Guess Who game during winter break. I asked if I may borrow their game for a year, and now it is in my possession.

I was super excited about modifying the game, but I soon realized that there needed to be a criteria list for which characters to use. I couldn't just randomly select characters or else the game may not be as challenging as it should be. (Which now that I think of it, I should have added some traps.)

I decided to stick with characters that portray more realistic physical traits; no animal ears, no crazy hairstyle, has natural skin tones, and looks 99% like a human. The Guess Who anime cats version and other versions can come later.

And so, the results of 5 hours of searching for pictures on the Internet, resizing images, cropping, printing, and cutting paper were:

Ta dah! I asked friends on Facebook to provide me with 5 of their favourite characters and added some of them in. It took more time looking for good pictures than anything. It didn't surprise me how most of the good and useable pictures were on wiki pages.

An extra rule to this version of the game is: you may not ask your opponent questions about their character's job, race, history, series or movie title, clothing, and personality. Only ask questions about your opponent's character's physical traits, excluding skin colour for courtesy.

Cool story: the game pieces are finished.
Bad news: it still need to be tested.

Hopefully, it will be fun to play.

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