Monday, March 5, 2012

Summer Wars

I like to rewatch my anime DVDs and recently I watched the movie "Summer Wars" again. The movie's like a more slice of life version of Digimon (according to a few friends of mine), but nontheless, it has beautiful graphics, a superb storyline, and loveable characters. I'm especially fond of Granny Saeke.

She can be kind...

yet strict.

I cried the first and second time I watched Summer Wars. I'm a big cry baby, which is why I try not to watch shows and movies too often. They leave a big impact on me and I always end up thinking about them too often (I'm still trying to get over Madoka Magica and the Korean movie "Daisy"'s endings).

What were bonuses in the movie were the many real world issues implemented in the story, such as artificial intelligence, the loss of close family bonds some children experience, and people's dependance on the Internet. It makes me think about my everyday actions and the people who I never speak to on the bus. What kind of life did they grow up with? How much do they depend on the Internet? And how would a super a.i. hacking virus affect their everyday lives?

Stuff like that.

I am tired. Need sleep, now. Turns out I'm going bald from all the work I do at school. I already have dark circles under my eyes. Anyways, until next time!

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