Monday, February 20, 2012

Gee Gee Gee Gee Clock

The story behind this Gee Clock: I have a friend (A) who's in love with Yoona from Girls Generation (SNSD), and another friend (B) who likes memes and funny internet images. Friend B found an image of an SNSD girl asking what time it is and behind her is a clock layout with "GEE" as the numbers. Gee is a repeated word from the song "Gee" by a Korean dance group called Girls Generation. Friend B suggested that we gift a Gee clock to friend A and here is the clock. It took me a good hour two hours, mostly because I'm slow and was indecisive on how the clock should look. I just hope I printed the correct girl for the clock.

I bought the clock from IKEA, so it may not live for a very long time. What I'm more concerned about is what my parents told me: according to my parents' parents' beliefs, giving a clock to a person means asking them to go die. *-* If only I knew earlier. Now it's like I wrote a letter with red ink to a friend. ... I hope he'll like the clock.

If you don't know about Girls Generation and their song Gee, you can watch it here:

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