Saturday, September 4, 2010


I had two of my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. There's only a bit of pain when I eat and I can feel my face swollen. The stitches in my mouth feel funny and my face looks funny (as usual).

I was out today at a plaza were it seemed like there were no public washrooms. I had to go badly. My sister and I walked into a dumpling house and asked if we may use their washroom. They nodded yes! We took turns using the washroom. The female washroom had two toilets in it but no stalls! Before we left the restaurant, we thanked them and I left a dollar at the counter. My sister told me that the lady at the counter stared at me and that I shouldn't have given them such a shiny loonie.

Now I'm wondering if it was rude of me to leave a loonie there. They let us use the washrooom out of kindness, but leaving a loonie there may offend them. ('._.)_ Maybe I'm just weird?

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