Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Public Bus Drivers

Dear Public Bus Drivers of the GTA,

I thank you all for your hard work
getting people from one place to another.
Although some times it is creepy,
I enjoy the random singing some of you do,
the kindness and understanding
that you show when I forget
where I placed my transfer ticket, and
the beautiful smiles you show
whenever I greet you.

I've never been a bus driver,
so I don't know the hardships that you go through.
I often wonder if driving a bus for hours
would mean experiencing difficult times
like having to hold it in and wait
for a short break to a washroom.
I believe it's hard to be a bus driver
with all the different people
you meet and deal with everyday.

Keep up the good work though!
Hopefully the umbrella that the YRT and TTC are under
would better their services
to benefit both you workers and commuters alike.

Mun-Yeen Cheung

1 comment:

  1. I am confused about what I meant in some parts of this post. @_@


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