Monday, April 19, 2010

Kera Magazine

Two Sundays ago, I went to the salon where I usually get my hair cut. The manager lady handed me a japanese punk and lolita fashion magazine to look through while I wait for my hair dresser to finish business with his other customers. I was astonished by the outfits and accessories displayed in the magazine and I couldn't stop staring at the ggorgeous clothing. I would to replicate many of the outfits in the magazine if I could find the resources to do that. I mean, wow.

The magazine is called Kera. I checked out its official website, but online website translators like babel fish can only do so much. There was a website that gave a description on the magazine at Virtual Japan which was in English and helped me learn a bit about the magazine. I checked out a few asian stores that sell asian magazines, but they didnt have Kera. Thankfully, there is the Internet: I found a Livejournal group called Japanese Magazine Scans. They have scans of a few Kera issues and being able to browse through them makes me feel a fleeting happiness.

-edit- February 18, 2013
Found a website that sells ans ships Kera magazines to Canada: YesAsia.

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