Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pocky Purse?

My sister and I bought a Pocky box that we have never seen before and really like the design and texture. I told her that I will make it into a portable tissue box. When she opened the box, the Pocky packaging looked and felt so nice that we decided to make pencil cases out of them. Sadly, the packaging are not long enough to make pencil cases, so the cases came out looking like purses instead.

It took a zipper, two pieces of fabric, thread, and two packages of Pocky to make the purse. I was disappointed when the purse was wrinkled after I was finished making it. The pakaging had to be wrinkled to finidh the purse. *whines*

Pocky purse!

Looks good, no? The purse was made with instructions from instructables.com. Thank you for finding the instruction, Krystal! (We actually went through over 30 issues of Shojo Beat for instructions, but we couldn't find it in there.)

The purse now belongs to Krystal.


  1. I still see that lovely "Pock" typo at the top left corner.

  2. Wow Wow Wow thats so cute. I dont know what the frig pocky is but its sure cute packaging!


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