Monday, January 4, 2010

What's lolita?

I don't understand what a lolita is anymore (except that there's a movie or something for it and the style is about elegance). When I see lace I usually mentally point and mentally yell "lolita!" But lately, I've been seeing lace used for other things that doesn't look lolita-esque to me but does to others. Then there are the stuff that has no lace and is considered lolita-esque by a number of lolitas on the net, and stuff with lace but is considered not lolita-esque because it's cosplay.

I tried re-assure myself that I know what lolita is to me by making self-proclaimed lolita-esque accessories like wrist wrappers and bows. It didn't work. I'm still unsure, because they look like cosplay accessories and at the same time, similar to the pretty day-to-day little girl stuff I used to dream of wearing. I've also got a room full of ribbons and lace thanks to my road to re-assurance. Hee. At times like these, I laugh at myself in public.

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