Friday, January 15, 2010

Julie A.

To Julie A. of My Story,

I read your blog and I like how inspiring you can be. I like how when you express yourself on your blog, I feel these different tingly feelings in my chest and the ringing in my mind depending on the subject. I am sorry if that last sentence was an odd read. I also like how when your words feel like words of despair, you come back with the same words but with the feeling of hope and strength.

I often think I think too much and I think I am thinking too much when I think you are thinking too much. Maybe if we both think a little less about the complications in our life, our lives will become brighter. That or I'm thinking too much to think straight.

I don't know if I should email you this message. This message is suppose to be a comment on your blog, but since your comment system isn't working, I didn't comment. If you do get this message in an email, hooray for me having guts to email it. I'm afraid of frustrating you or leaving you in despair because I find that you are a sensitive person full of emotions that are ready to burst into a rainbow with flavourful skittles flying everywhere.

I think you are a pretty person. I also find it very cool how you can completely change your image (looking at the photographs on the side bar of your blog).

Sincerely, Munyeen C. of Blurs of the Tired Eyes

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