Sunday, January 10, 2010


My sister and I each have a sore throat and father needed a check up, so we visited the doctor. The doctor checked my sister and gave her a perscription for antibiotics. She turned to look at me and insisted that I gained weight. =_= I thought: "that's what she said to me the last time I visited." I told her that I couldn't help it because I get hungry every 2 hours. She instantly replied not to eat as much. XD I would have laughed if my throat didn't feel funny. She examined my throat and said that it's only dried up and that I should put Vaseline in my nose before I sleep. Father's case is a whole different case that I should not mention in case he's reading this right now. O_O

I'm now in the impression that I gained weight. The only way to check properly would be through the scale and measuring tape. I will do that later.

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