Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toronto Shop Trip

Going to check out these places sometime soon:

gagoo box
319 Queen St West, Toronto

Her Majesty
250 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

[Unknown--some sock store]
New Century Plaza
Steeles Avenue E. and Warden Avenue

Chinatown Centre

If possible, I'll bump into some interesting stores. ... And find someone to journey with me.

[The post that followed the planned trip was accidentally deleted. It was posted on January 10, 2010. Her Majesty was found at a Market place called Blue Banana Market. A leftover teaser from blog catalog:
YES! I was there in Downtown Toronto days ago and I was not alone! I was with my unofficial magical girl hunting troop.We first headed to Mokuba at 575 Queen Street West. Mokuba was an intriguing shop. My first impression was that it looked like a li...

I am mourning the loss of a great post.]

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