Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Downtown Toronto!

I finally found time for a trip to downtown Toronto with people! Yay! X3 I am not sure if they would mind walking around the cold though...

I've wanted to check out a few local stores in downtown Toronto for a very long time. My problem with going downtown is that I need someone to be with me while I am there, because strangers always approach me whenever I am alone at an open place--commonly known as the public. Although many of the strangers that approach me are good people, I get very nervous around people I am not familiar with, especially when they are creatures of the light.

Story time!

As a kid, I used to always go exploring alone from my parents whenever they brought me to shopping malls and parks. Strangers would often come up to me and ask if I was lost. And yeah. I don't remember what happened after the people ask me if I am lost. I just remember people used to approach me asking that question.

Next story!

I was walking around Mississauga and a man approached me asking for money. He looked like he was between 20 to 30 years old. I asked him if he had a job. He said no. I asked him if he needed help to find one. He said he didn't want to go find one because it is too hard and he just wanted money. I asked him if he's got a place to sleep. He said that he lives with his mother. I asked him why he doesn't get the money from his mother. He said she doesn't have money to give him. I decided to give him at least $5 cdn. I looked in my bag and there I couldn't find my wallet. I had left it at home. I stared at him for minutes and he started begging for money. I told him I was sorry and that I don't have money either. I think he thought I was lying or telling him something abstract, because he continued to beg. My family found me, everyone glared at the man, I said sorry, and left with my family.

Another story!

I was at a convention in downtown Toronto and a lady asked me to take a picture of her with the Metro Toronto Convention Centre behind her. I took the picture for her.

Yet another story!

Once a year at Pacific Mall, people ask me for directions. Luckily, Pacific Mall is like a fourth home to me and I can actually help them with directions. ("._.) ... I've been wondering about the direction asking pattern. It's been going on since the Mall--if it may be called that--has opened. Maybe it's because I look Eastern Asian and look like I am familiar with the place. Hm. Maybe it's normal with most Eastern Asian looking people who look familiar with the place.

Last story! (I think.)

I was riding on a bus on my way home when someone started asking all the passengers for money. Most people ignored him as he asked them. Others shook their head. He said he needed only about $8. I looked in my wallet and noted that I only had $4 in change (Yes. I carry very little money around with me so that I wouldn't spend it often). I needed money for another bus ride that day or else I wouldn't be able to get home (I used to take 3 buses from 2 different transit systems to get home in my frequent schedule). When he approached me, I said I could only give him about 50 cents, because I needed money for something. He accepted my offer of 50 cents, and proceeded to ask people for money. A business-looking man gave him money. After the business-looking man gave him money, he left at the next stop.

Finally done with my stories about strangers approaching me. ... I know I need to work on my story telling skills.

I often do not help people unless they ask for help. I myself do not often ask for help. I think I should ask people for help when I know I need help, but I just can't bring myself to do so. When I help strangers, I usually feel a fleeting awfulness because I know I felt like they were a bit of a bother or that there is a possibility I may have been tricked. Even so, as long as they don't cause a scene and no one is hurt, the strangers who approach me bring a happy smile to my face.

I don't know why.

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