Monday, September 14, 2009

It's so far

Ha. The title's too abstract.

DotCon recently updated its website (link) and they have changed their location to somewhere near the airport in Mississauga. It. Is. Too far! What were they thinking? I know that convention guests are important, but isn't the convenience for conventioneers more important? The location seems even more in-the-middle-of-nowhere than their last one, and it's harder to get there by public transportation for most conventioneers I know.

When I hear about Anime North, I think "cool."
When I hear about Fan Expo, I think "cool."
When I hear about DotCon, I think "psh, whatever."

I don't even know if I should attend DotCon every time it announces its dates. Anyone out there want to put in a few good words about DotCon? Are there even restaurants around their new location?

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