Monday, August 31, 2009

Fan Expo 2009

I made a blog because the idea of being able to look back on what you typed about in the past almost whenever you want and almost where evere you want felt like a good idea. It's better than keeping a secret diary. Really. When some people find out that you have a diary, it's like they were suddenly inspired to go treasure hunting (for the diary).

Starting the next year (or the next week), I'll look back at the videos featuring anime conventions on my YouTube page and will most likely think: "Wow. I am such a loser." Yup. Then I would probably try to change my image for something somehow in order to make myself feel better. ... I need to improve my English and manners.

So how was Fan Expo?

It was pretty crowded for a Sunday, but come to think of it, it was my first time at Fan Expo on a Sunday. People looked so serious and intimidating until you actually spoke with them or watch them (for minutes) bursting into laughter. My friends and I were wondering what ever happened to those dances people used to dance in conventions (like Caramell dansen, Hare hare yukai, and the twist). Okay, maybe not so much of the twist, but I do wish. Some times.

Many cosplays looked well done and hard to make, but I am concerned with shortcuts people take these days that make it look a bit odd. Odd in a sense where I don't think the character would do that with their outfit, i.e. masking tape on clothing instead of hand-made clothing decorations.

When my friends, family, and I left the convention centre to eat at Tim Hortons, my friend noticed many Jonas Brothers items. Posters, T-shirts worn by children, people yelling their name in the streets. My friend guessed that there was a Jonas Brothers concert nearby, and sure enough, there was. We asked a young girl about whether there was a concert and she replied yes. They were having a concert in the Rogers centre (SkyDome).

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