Monday, August 31, 2009

Fan Expo 2009 Pictures and Comments Part 1

I resized the images so that most of them are small. Let's look at some pictures from Fan Expo now.

The one on your right is a picture of a Neko cosplay and Mr. Kitty (?). I'm unfamiliar with the characters from the video game The World Ends with You. I just know what they look like because of its popularity. I haven't played the game myself.

Okay, so the first thing I look at is whether or not the cosplayer themselves fit the character. That's a yes for these two. Is the costume well done? Yes. Do they look like the characters they are trying to cosplay as? Yes. Bonus points for the hair and the giant cat suit. I like giant cat suits. Oh yeah, I'm not actually using points here. It's just that it sounds good when you use "bonus points."

Dharshi was dressed as Tonbury (sp?) from a Final Fantasy game. She got into her character and went around pointing her knife at random cosplayers. Damaged 9000 health points out of each of them she did. I should have made this picture bigger. Oh well.

There was a statue of the Silver Surfer (I think that's what he's called...) made out of I don't know what but I want to know. Is he made out of metal or wood? Maybe it's plastic.
He could be a real person hired to model for the convention. That would mean he's been on that one spot without a washroom for more than 6 hours. Wow. If that's true, he must be a professional model. I wonder if a model would have back pain from having to pose like that for hours...

There were dolls in the horror section in the dealer's room. We took a look at them and began the nose picking frenzy.

Give the caption "grr..." to the last one there. Heh heh. People were looking at us when we were doing that.

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