Monday, August 31, 2009

Fan Expo 2009 Pictures and Comments Part 2

The artist alley had some neat stuff there. Many things were expensive, some were well priced, and few were free.

Hand-made capsule people? So cool.

This couple on the left was popular at the convention. I saw them a few times as I was walking around. When Gurgit, my family and I got outside the South Building we saw them walking towards the convention building and asked for a picture. We kept taking videos and pictures of them because we thought they looked awesome even though we didn't know what they were dressed as (so we asked them). Turns out they are original characters (with great designs).

Best cosplay group I saw was the Beyblade crew:

Video extras while observing people:

I liked the Cardcaptor Sakura pair's costumes and the Ash Ketchum so much I had to comment on their actions.

Conclusion: Cool story, bro.

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