Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anime North 2015: Sunday

Sunday was another chill day. I think I spent most of my time at the convention running and sitting around. There weren't that many deals: the deals were on items that were initially over-priced. The convention seemed more crowded on Sunday than on Saturday.

The dealer's room and artist alley were expanded this year: there was more space between tables and a lot more tables. I was impressed with the number of dealers because it reminded me of Fan Expo. Even with the extra space in the hall, I felt claustrophobic in the dealer's room and artist alley. I freaked out at one point because I thought I wasn't going to be able to get out of the building. Staff weren't letting me out and all the no exit signs left me even more frustrated. I hated how I was lost during the first half of the convention in the TCC building. I hated the signage and lack of exits even more. At least I had a better weekend than the cops on traffic duty. One of them was frustrated to the point of angrily shouting at people. (He shouted at me too and it was not a nice feeling. It felt like I killed someone.) I hope there are more arrow signage and maps around the convention next year.

The whole weekend was tiring, but I guess I had fun. I plan to spend more time at the hotel next year. I don't stay at hotels that often, so I want to try spending half a day awake in one.

Should I cosplay next year, I'm thinking about cosplaying someone from Girls of the Wild's or someone else from Tower of God. I look forward to Beyblade battling next year too. Nothing like watching spinning tops bumping into each other.

Best part of the whole weekend was seeing this:

I'll never be able to have a tsundere license plate but at least I witnessed it. Hope you all had a great Anime North 2015!

Anime North 2015 Album

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