Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Man

A bunch of friends and I had this amazing plan to surprise a friend with a body pillow on his birthday. The thing is, he is not the type of person who would want a body pillow for whatever reason. That is why we decided to get a body pillow of his favourite character of all time: Princess Daisy from the Mario Series!

In the end, we couldn't find one... so we made one.

With the help of skilled friends, I designed the image. A copy of the image was then painted onto two fabrics in a sort-of-standard size of a body pillow with fabric paint. (I forgot what size I made them.) One of my accomplices provided the stuffing.

To keep the large gift a surprise, we didn't stuff the pillow until after we arrived at the meeting place (which was a restaurant). The pillow was stuffed under the table and handed to the birthday boy right there.

Best awkward birthday moment ever!

I was hoping I could make the pillow look professionally made, but alas, I am but a novice.

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