Sunday, September 16, 2012

Unplugged Expo

This is old news, but there's a new anime convention in town. Its name-- Unplugged Expo.

At first glace, it looks similar to Toronto's Fan Expo. It has anime, comics, gaming, and music; minus the horror and sci-fi categories. It also fills in the convention gap in the fall season. There aren't many conventions around Toronto in the autumn time.

What's interesting about Unplugged is that it seems to emphasize on meeting popular local cosplay artists, who are guests to the expo. Cosplaying is already a grand attraction to anime conventions, but it is nice to see that cosplayers are starting to get more recognition for their hard work.

The slogan tempts me to attend Unplugged, since it promises "a weekend of awesome," but... I cannot go. I want to focus on my readings. I'll read about people's experience at the expo, though. That's a promise!


  1. Oh, I wish I had seen this earlier. I totally missed this event and I love to photograph cosplay.

    1. I am sorry to hear about that. Hopefully, they will hold the event again next year.


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