Friday, June 8, 2012

How important is water to you?

There's no denying that water is an important resource for the well-being of life forms on our planet Earth, but what baffles me is how I value water. Sure, water is everywhere, but that doesn't mean that all that water there is safe for necessary activities like drinking or bathing. Wouldn't I want clean water for those activities opposed to unusable polluted water? I know I would.

I'm lucky to be able to live in the Greater Toronto Area where fresh water is abundant and the water filtration system is trustworthy and well maintained, but I admit-- I tend to waste water. I'd keep the tap on while I wash the dishes, and take long comfortable showers once in awhile. I'm still working on those bad habits.

Sometimes I wonder if it is because of my being in the GTA where clean water is abundant that I waste water. Another reason could be because I can afford it (though I like to keep the numbers on my bills low). I end up taking for granted the value of water and value other things like getting new clothes and manga in my everyday life. I forget that everything is connected and that every time I throw something into the garbage, it gets dumped somewhere far away where it will mix with other garbage and the water in that area, later coming back to me through the water cycle. Systems in systems connected to systems, you know? It's mind boggling.

Note to self: don't waste water and remember that everything you do has to do with water even if the connection is not visible.

Image from chapter 22 of Otoyomegatari (A Bride's Story), by Kaoru Mori. Chapter 22 was scanlated by Duralumin.

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