Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. Raindrop

Have you ever listened to the song "Mr. Raindrop" by amplified? The song was used as an ending for an anime called Gintama. Two of the members of amplified played another version of the song in May this year and uploaded it to YouTube.

Gintama's second ending:

May 31, 2011:


  1. This ending song makes me happy. I mean it's a very fine song in its own right, but just the novelty of a weird little English song being used as an anime ending seems so wonderful to me. Kinda like the Black Butler ending. Maybe I'm an Englophile to balance the forces of Japanophiles in the anime fandom?

  2. You mean in the North American anime fandom?

  3. Yeah, I guess I would have to mean that. I imagine despite how proud they are; it would be tough to be a Japanophile in Japan even as a Japanese citizen.


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