Friday, October 1, 2010

Where did TAC go?

I was checking out Hobbystar Marketing's website for events and I didn't find any Toronto anime con listed. The website didn't look like it was updated since the end of Fan Expo 2010. I then checked the convention list of Canada at anime cons and Toronto anime con wasn't there either. I guess there's no December TAC this year.

I realize I missed Fan Expo this year. I wasn't even in the province of Ontario anyways. I was looking forward to it, but people told me that the number of visitors this year exceeded Hobbystar's expectations. I heard the event was a semi-bust [in the fun level] for a few people because of the long line to get into the building. I understand if people who were lined up weren't allowed into the convention hall because of fire hazards. The organizers knew they were having more popular special guests at their event this year and they had commercials of Fan Expo on television and ads at random places in the media. The geek culture has rose over the past few years too (on experiencing the Internet and market). Did they miss something, or is it because geek culture has become bigger than I thought?

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