Monday, October 4, 2010

Nuit Blanche

I wasn't in downtown Toronto for Nuit Blanche last year, so I decided to go for Nuit Blanche 2010. I was expecting a line-up or a crowd to every piece of artwork that was on display, and sure enough, there were lines and crowds--more lines and crowds than the first time I stayed out for Nuit Blanche. There were a lot of people this year too. I wonder if last year had this many people.

There was garbage everywhere--no amount of recycle bins and compost bins can ever get Torontonians to use them in events such as Nuit Blanche--even if you remove garbage bins. If you ever see a Torontonian using a recycle bin or a compost properly during a large event, help me give them two thumbs up. Seriously. Though I was more disturbed by the number of times I almost stepped in a puddle of vomit on the streets.

I didn't get any pictures of the artwork because frankly, the ones I encountered didn't leave a great impression on me. I liked them though, because they looked like they were already a part of the city. The only photograph I took that was close to an artwork was that of a stuffed cat tied to a post:

Conclusion: kudos to the people who worked hard in making Nuit Blanche a success. That includes the late-night public transit workers, police officers, security people, and medical staff on duty that night!


  1. I watched My Neighbor Totoro just recently. It made me happy. That fuzzy cute stuffed cat does too. :)

  2. Awo~ That movie brings me back.


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