Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

( ._.) Wisdom teeth are pretty useless in this day and age. We don't need another 4 large teeth for chewing now, do we? I remember reading somewhere that they are suppose to be used for chewing bones (?).

I've been feeling pain in the back of my jaws since last fall and I thought it may be because of my loose jaws. Then came the days when the pain seemed to concentrate from four places. I figured my wisdom teeth were growing in and consulted my parent. They also figured it was the wisdom teeth's fault for the pain. I didn't remember feeling uncomfortable pain when my other teeth grew in though, so I consulted my dentists when I had my check up today.

The dentists took a few x-rays and showed me images of my beautiful super wisdom teeth. Guess what the teeth were doing? The little buggers were growing the wrong way: all four of them were positioned diagnally and are pushing against my back molar teeth. (That explains the pain.) The dentists hinted that I'm fine right now because I don't have headaches. They recommended a specialist called Dr. Moon and told me to get the teeth pulled out in May.

I hope I won't need to use pain killers when they're out.

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