Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Toronto Anime Con 2010

There were either more cosplayers than I expected or I was too focused on the cosplayers. Many of the faces I saw I've seen at other conventions. I suppose TACs target only locals.

Most of the people there sat in groups on the floor, some occasionally danced, and others displayed a free hugs campaign. MTAC was pretty much how other TACs are: small and simple. Other than checking out the dealers room and attending some of the activities they held, there's not much to do.

My friend Jennifer and I ended up walking down the hallway and back again about 6 times looking for something interest to do or to watch. With my sister, Jennifer and I watched a bit of Anime Flash and Win, Lose, or Draw.

I took a lot of pictures, but I didn't notice that many of them were blurry until I got home to load them to my convention collection. (>_<) I need to work on keeping my hands still. I noticed that there were a lot of people with video cameras. It was so hard to avoid them! It's like every move you make gets recorded by someone.

The video-slideshow:

I believe I am not getting better at these video-slideshow things. ("._.) At least the ending's brief.

Conclusion: Small conventions are more fun when people engage in self-made activities.


  1. Awesome video and pictures! Wish I went.

  2. I wonder how much it is to get in.....


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