Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Ears on the Subway

Every time I see a person wearing a hat or a hood with animal ears or something sticking out of it, I instantly believe that they like anime and or manga. I know I'm judging people (sometimes) badly that way, but I can't help it.

On Saturday I was waiting for the TTC subway train with my mother after visiting the Toronto Reference Library, and I saw a tall girl with a cat eared hat. I thought: "she's totally a fanatic, but who knows. She may surprise me." When the train arrived and I took a seat and the girl took a seat across from me, she whipped out a Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle comicbook (manga) from a plastic bag with the words: World's Biggest Bookstore. Sure enough, there were more similar shaped books in the bag. I felt a little disappointed that she didn't surprise me by not taking out a manga, but hey. It gave me a little proof that maybe most people who wear animal eared gear is a fan of some form of asian culture.

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