Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Cleaning

Hello! It's been awhile since I last posted something. The reason: I was trying to clean out old items in my room and basement. I am afraid that I may become a hoarder (which I practically am). Cleaning is taking a long time because I want to properly dispose of things rather than simply throwing everything into the trash. The basement especially had a lot of old items that needed proper disposal.

There were many nostalgic items I found in my room. One being this hand-held hair braiding machine:

The braiding machine was a gift from my cousins. I tried using it before, but my hair always easily got tangled.

There was a pair of plastic glasses with a big nose. I remember I got this from Eastside Mario's, hoping it was groucho glasses, but it wasn't. The glasses never stayed on my face, so I never had the chance to wear it for more than a minute.

There was a small collection of old led containers from my elementary to high school days. It goes to show how much led I used back in school. I switched to using pens only for school in my last year of high school.

I found some cute perfume samples in glass tubes around my desk area. This one time I forgot I had a perfume tube in my pocket. I washed my clothes and by the time I retrieved my clothes from the dryer, everything smelled like the perfume. Luckily the perfume tube didn't break.

I had to throw out empty pens from my pen collection. The grip --the exterior of the pen-- was all slimy and sticky for some reason.

There was a pile of paper and plastic bags I recycled. This one especially was decorated by a friend for me.

I also went through a pile of old artworks from grade school. I kept them until now because I thought they were adorable and interesting.

The outer space one glows in the dark.

Even after almost 3 months of cleaning, I have a lot of things to clear out. It makes me not want to clean and just let everything be. I mean, what am I to do with over 5 boxes of crayons?! Maybe I'll donate it to the nearest daycare.

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