Friday, April 19, 2013


A manga I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past was "Emerging" by Masaya Hokazono. Thank you to the team at Endless Abyss for scanlating the manga in English! As for a brief introduction to the manga, I believe someone already prepared that:
Japan is a brilliant model of Asian success and obligation. But how would this country manage a large-scale sanitary crisis? What would happen in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo's biggest districts, if a man exploded in the street during broad daylight? How would the political and sanitation authorities manage such a crisis? Please consider this question as long as you can--because it's already too late for professors Onodera and Sekiguchi! Is an emerging virus slowly spreading itself into the arteries of the Japanese capital?

I was reminded of the manga yesterday night when I arrived home late from a systems thinking event. I didn't notice my one pink eye until I saw myself in the mirror. You would think that someone at home would have noticed my eye and pointed it out to me. While I was reminiscing of Emerging's plot, I thought: "why not take a picture of the eye... and bring it to Photoshop?"

The results:

I tried.

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