Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Why does the college curriculum seem busier than university's? Is it because it is a post-graduate program or is it because most of the assignments are done in groups? Maybe I'm just less productive these days and feel like it's a lot of work. Come to think of it, I have been sleeping a good 6 to 9 hours more often lately-- a great change from the 2 to 4 hours in my university days. I feel more tired during the day though.

Another thing that is troubling me is money. As long as I am a full time student, I refuse to do part-time work that takes up at least 9 hours of my week. I take a long time to read and write, and I need my sleep time. My strategy to counter having no income is to stay on a diet of two slices of bread with two slices of ham everyday for lunch. Water and hot chocolate are the main beverages, and $20 per month is the allowance for lunch and dinner at school. I know I eat a lot (5 meals a day and 2 snack times on a good day) and I'm already abnormally thin, but money. I have been coerced into spending a great amount of money and I can't go back.

I hope this will all be worth it in the end. I've sacrificed my 17-year old coin collection which I kept to my heart since a child. Every time I spend the coins, it breaks a part of me. Sounds stupid, but it's like having your pokémon cards ripped in half in front of you in 1999. Pretty devastating. It will be tough to land a full-time job in January for April and I'm never fully prepared for a big change in life, but I look forward to another world of schedules, activities, and actual money. I don't want to be stuck doing only volunteer work for more than a year though. Interviews are also a steep hill to climb.

Right now, my anti-drug is a compilation of opera, electronica, and classical music with a hint of Gravity Falls and good friends. Am I enjoying the moment? When I'm not thinking about my minor issue with money, yes.

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