Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holy Malls! (Literally)

I'm currently working on a paper that mixes systems thinking and consumerism. I'm looking at leverage points to alter people's retail consumer behavior. While looking through a list of materials concerning consumerism in my university's library database, I found a documentary called "Malls R Us". I signed it out and now that I've watched it, I don't think I can view malls the same way again.

Trailer of the documentary Malls R Us:

Malls are like churches: a sacred refuge to people and they help people find themselves. Retail and consumerism have power over people. What would you do if all the malls you frequent all died? Mourn. I know I would. Well... until the next mall opens. ... Okay, I rarely visit malls, but I still enjoy spending time walking around in one. Okay, that depends too. I enjoy spending time in malls when store workers aren't giving me glares or the pursing of the lips (like that woman from Michael Kors).

The pursing of the lips

If I had to choose between visiting a mall or a street full of shops, I'd choose the street shops. I like malls, but there's something about street shops that feel unique, personal, and charming.

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