Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anime North 2011: Registered

Anime North is a big event for many frequent anime convention attendees around Toronto, but the admission price can sometimes be a turn off. You have to spend about 35 to 55 Canadian dollars on a badge: that's the price of 14-22 TTC tokens or 1-7 meals. The badge is a proof-of-purchase ticket that you must carry because there are certain areas of the convention that require you to show it before entry.

I think the admission price is totally worth it if you want to participate in the convention's programs. You get to participate in the many organized sub-events and there are interesting things you can buy from the exhibition area (the dealer's room, market and gallery).

To me, the highlights of Anime North--or any anime convention--are taking pictures of cosplayers, making them do something (that I think is) embarrassing yet amusing, and capture videos of them doing those embarrassing yet amusing things. I don't usually go to the sub-events, nor do I buy things from the exhibition area.

Last year at Anime North, I didn't register for a badge. I stayed outside of the Toronto Congress Center building for hours doing whatever activities I could think of with my friends. When we were hungry, we ate at nearby eateries. When we were sick of being out in the sun, we hung out in the hotels. At the end of the day, I spent only $25--mostly on food--instead of the $40 on a (Saturday) badge.

This year, I pre-registered for the convention because a friend of mine wanted to register for a table at the crafter's corner. He needed another person to help with the table, but to register for a table you need all parties to be pre-registered. He didn't get the table. Of course he wouldn't. If you browse through people's Deviant Art journals you would find hundreds of entries talking about getting a table for the event before the table registration date. After the date, there are journals about waiting lists. It's hard to get a table for a large event such as AN especially if you're not a very well known artist.

I am a bit upset because I spent $45 on a ticket I may not even use. At least when I'm in the badge-required areas of the convention, I'll be with friends. That's something to look forward to.

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  1. i'm going to anime north too this year ^^. i've never been before, so i'm a bit nervous. and i agree, those tickets are so expensive Σ(゜д゜;).


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